Improved safety and ease of operation

Düsseldorf,   19.07.2012

  • Slewing motion limitation for wall-mounted slewing jib cranes improves safety at the workplace
  • Cable slider for power supply lines for ease of assembly and maintenance

Demag Cranes has extended its KBK light crane system to include two components. With immediate effect, adjustable limitation of the slewing motion is available for wall-mounted slewing jib cranes to protect workers at their workplaces and, at the same time, to protect material, such as neighbouring machinery. In addition, a new cable slider is now available to accommodate flat cables. This offers an outstanding and rugged design to facilitate simple installation and ensures highly convenient operation.

Limited slewing motion for wall-mounted slewing jib cranes – improved safety for man and material
The new slewing motion limiter for Demag wall-mounted slewing jib cranes corresponds to the slewing motion limiting function already offered for some time for KBK pillar-mounted slewing jib cranes. Demag Cranes has modified its KBK I and KBK II wall brackets accordingly to employ this convenient safety device also for wall-mounted slewing jib cranes. This flexible solution now allows the slewing range of wall-mounted slewing jib cranes to be adapted to the given operating requirements up to a radius of 270 degrees at any time.

The pre-completed sub-assembly consists of a carrier plate, mounting bracket, perforated plate and buffer bracket.The perforated plate used in connection with buffer brackets enables the slewing angle to be precisely adjusted in increments of 1.5 degrees. Simple adjustment is possible at any time also if operating requirements change. In the same way as for pillar-mounted slewing jib cranes, the new slewing motion limiter for Demag wall-mounted slewing jibs can also be fitted to the crane jib at a later date if they are equipped with the new wall bracket.

New cable slider for reliable power supply
The new cable slider features smooth travel and guarantees ease of operation in daily use. Demag Cranes offers this cable guide in two sizes for the KBK I and Aluline 120 inside-running profile sections as well as for the KBK II family and Aluline 180. Compared to the previous solution, assembly is much simplified and ease of maintenance is improved at the same time. The cable can be simply inserted into the side of the cable slider during assembly. This principle also makes it possible to adjust cable sag without much effort, since the cable does not need to be pulled through over its entire length. Made of wear-resistant plastic, the cable sliders can be quickly and easily introduced into the gap in the rail at any position along the profile section and removed again. Any twisting movement of the cable is prevented by a tab, which acts as integrated protection against twisting.

The new cable slider considerably reduces the amount of time needed if any maintenance work has to be carried out. The design offers a further benefit, since the electric cable no longer needs to be disconnected from the supply if cable sliders have to be replaced.

Additional information:

Demag KBK light crane system
Track and crane installations from the KBK light crane system by Demag Cranes & Components have been used all over the world for almost 50 years. KBK installations are employed as suspension cranes of single or double-girder design or as suspension monorails in companies of almost all types and sizes all over the world. Characteristic for the system is its modular design, which enables the most diverse customer requirements to be met with ease. Thanks to their high versatility, KBK installations can be easily integrated into virtually any production infrastructure and added at any time – without the need to utilise the workshop area for crane runway supports or travel routes. If required, KBK ergo components can be used to accommodate kick-up or horizontal forces, such as those which occur on cranes with a large overhang or manipulator arms.

Besides inside and outside-running profile section for loads weighing up to 3,200 kg, the Demag KBK light crane system also includes aluminium profile sections. KBK Aluline is a range of parts from the modular construction kit that can be used to create installations for the particularly convenient and smooth handling of loads weighing up to 1,000 kilograms. In addition, Demag Cranes offers pillar mounted slewing cranes and jibs with I-beam profile jibs for loads weighing up to 10,000 kilograms.

Demag slewing jib cranes – efficient support at every workplace
Demag KBK pillar and wall-mounted jib cranes help to cut setting-up and idle times and reduce unnecessary waiting times. With a wide range of sizes and designs, these cranes can be adapted to provide solutions for the most varied requirements in terms of load capacity, slewing range, outreach and features – even including cranes with two jibs. The main characteristic of all variants is the low jib deadweight and correspondingly large outreach and high load capacity. Special hook path dimensions can be achieved by means of longer masts or pedestals. Sets are also available to anchor the mast to foundations or existing workshop floors.

About Demag Cranes
The Demag Cranes Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial cranes and crane components, harbour cranes and terminal automation technology. Services, in particular maintenance and refurbishment, are another key element of the Group’s business activities. The Group is divided into the business segments Industrial Cranes, Port Technology and Services and has strong and well-established Demag and Gottwald brands. Demag Cranes sees its core competence in the development and construction of technically sophisticated cranes and hoists as well as automated transport and logistics systems in ports and terminals, the provision of services for these products and the manufacture of high-quality components.

As a global supplier, Demag Cranes manufactures in 16 countries on five continents and operates a worldwide sales and service network that is present in over 60 countries through its subsidiaries such as Demag Cranes & Components GmbH and Gottwald Port Technology GmbH, agencies and a joint venture. In financial year 2010/2011, the Group, with its 6,115 employees, generated revenue of EUR 1,062.3 million. Since August 2011, the Terex Group in the United States has held a majority share in the company.

Demag Cranes AG. We Can Handle It.


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