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Crane runway survey

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Demag Laser Measuring System (LMS) is the only laser-based measuring system for crane runways on the market that can also be used for suspension crane runways. The measured values are recorded direct at the point of measurement, allowing for any specifications of the relevant standards (1,000 mm required measuring distance). Any necessary corrections, such as the angle of the measuring trolley on the rail, are taken into consideration.

Safety all along the line

The condition of a crane runway and the crane geometry have a decisive impact on the service life of a crane and its components Smooth travel motions can only be ensured by a perfectly aligned crane runway and crane geometry. They prevent premature wear of the travel wheels as well as sudden or abrupt changes in the travel speed and unexpected load sway.

Crane runway survey with LMS

Crane runway survey

We perform automatic, three-dimensional surveys of crane runways with our internationally patented Demag laser measuring system (LMS) – which takes each measurement multiple times, resulting in accuracy better than 0.5 mm. Smart sensors help to achieve this high survey accuracy.



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If required, we can use the results of the survey to give you a comparison of the actual situation with the theoretical design and develop a concept to eliminate any defects that are found. We also check the exact alignment of the rails and can give you technical details, such as:

  • Rail head wear
  • Condition of the rail joints
  • Rail fastening method and type


Demag Laser measuring system LMS

Safety all along the line


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