Revolving warranty

For more demanding requirements: extended liability for defects on Universal Cranes. We can offer you continuous, reliable operation of your equipment and, at the same time, predictable costs with our revolving warranty – which goes beyond our normal terms and conditions. The agreement ends when the theoretical duration of service elapses, however, no later than after ten years.

Reliable liability arrangement

Revolving warranty

As part of our revolving warranty, liability for defects for a crane is renewed under precisely defined conditions – until the next safety check is due after every service inspection. This protects you from any new costs that might be incurred as a result of unforeseen defects. The intervals between the inspections are specified together with you depending on the crane operating conditions and reviewed after the first year of operation.

Further benefits

  • Reliable planning based on known costs
  • Annual reminder of legally required inspection
  • Service provided by the manufacturer
  • Reduced hourly rates for repairs


  • Owner must use products as intended
  • Professional maintenance by Demag service technicians as part of a service agreement
  • Immediate, proper elimination by the owner of any defects on parts reported during the service that are not covered by the revolving guarantee


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