IDAPSY Inspection, Diagnosis and Application System

IDAPSY offers you comprehensive opportunities for equipment management, diagnosis and optimisation in one system. IDAPSY enables you to read out and analyse error messages and operating data such as the remaining service life (load spectrum), contactor switching operations or error statistics. At the same time, IDAPSY manages data using software and hardware. We have developed this new integrated service tool specifically for our DR rope hoist and DC chain hoist.

Lasting efficiency

Any data recorded using IDAPSY offers you outstanding opportunities for analysis and optimisation, both on site and at a later date.

The capture and evaluation of operating data, for example, make it possible to schedule a service inspection in good time – to ensure that your equipment is in optimum condition at all times. Error messages and statistics can also be called up in the same way when maintenance or repair work is carried out.

All of the data saved by the software can be transmitted via the Internet to a central server, where they can be called up again at a later date. As a result , IDAPSY enables service work to be scheduled in advance and helps to avoid any downtime – providing the basis for many years of reliable and efficient utilisation.

Equipment versatility

Easier modification thanks to IDAPSY software

Using IDAPSY software, the parameter data sets for DR rope hoists can be modified on site – for example, if limit switches need to be added at a later date, the load detector is optimised or, if the system is converted to inverter-fed operation or synchronised control.



Service intelligence for peace of mind

IDAPSY also guarantees access to product history data (default settings, previous service work) at any time. Besides the ability to save all data on a PC (notebook), data and parameter data sets can also be saved on a central server by means of export and import functions, ensuring that your equipment data is continuously backed up and saved.

Further benefits

  • Equipment transparency
  • Equipment versatility
  • Efficiency
  • Availability
  • Analysis opportunities


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