Demag DMR rope hoist

One rope hoist. Two designs. Many possibilities.

Demag DMR rope hoist

One rope hoist. Two designs. Many possibilities.

Smart solutions for tomorrow’s needs

Our modular design also enables us to offer you exactly the control system that you need for your Demag DMR rope hoist. Choose between three control systems. If required, we can already prepare your equipment for future production and logistics processes: our innovative SafeControl system turns your rope hoist into a smart solution for transparency, safety and reliability.

Conventional contactor control

DMR modular rope hoists already provide for reliable operation with tried-and-tested contactor control. Contactor control can be easily maintained and is available with various control voltages.

Customer’s own control system

The DMR rope hoist is also prepared for controls provided by the customer, which you can simply integrate via plug & play. If required, you can also receive the Demag electric enclosure with various cable unions for your solution.


Slack-rope monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the rope tension: the hoist drive automatically switches off when the load has been lowered to its target position.


Target positioning
Loads can be automatically transported to a selected target position as long as the crane operator presses the corresponding button on the radio control.


Tandem operation
Loads can be safely transported by two DMR rope hoists via a single control unit. Two cranes with up to four rope hoists can also be synchronised.


By-pass control
Areas to be blocked for the travelling hoist can be specified. In this way, you can safely by-pass high parts of machinery or zones that are out of bounds.


Remote diagnosis in real time
Keep an overview of all DMR rope hoists at any time – even if you are away on a business trip. Our innovative Demag StatusControl remote access system supplies all relevant operating data in real time, analyses them and processes them for direct access – also for your mobile device. Using this system, you can schedule maintenance work, as required. Demag StatusControl also enables you to monitor complete crane systems in various production facilities and at different locations.
Bereichsbezogene Lastreduzierung

Area-specific load reduction
Areas can be defined which the travelling hoist may only enter if the load does not exceed a reference value. This reduces the load on the runway and building structure – especially when two or more cranes operate on one runway.




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